Street Challenge

Ratio Help

ok so heres how to make your very own set of ratios remember you are not aloud to buy/sell/share any ratios you will be banned for that

step 1: click on the "parts store" bottun along the top of sc then click suspension/tires scroll down to the bottom and u will see "adjustable gear" box you need to click the picture of that then "buy this part" if possible you can also buy an "automatic gearbox" these can also be bought at the used parts store and finaly click garage and "adjust gear ratios"

step 2: chose a launch RPM most used launch RPM are as follows: for the Supercharger 2500-3500 RPM for the Turbocharger 5500-6500 RPM for the pro tree cars it varys most find a rpm that suites them best but some guide rpms are here pro stock 5000-6000 pro mod 7500-8250 and both top fuelers 4000-4500 when launching hard and 5500-6000 when launching soft as mentioned before there are two types of launching for the top fuel dragster/top fuel funny car 1st is launching hard so when the light come down on the tree you slam the throttle up as fast as possible and 2nd is a soft launch when you launch and slowly pull the throttle up not too slowly though otherwise you will run a slow time 

step 3: if your car is unable to use an automatic gearbox skip this step if it does have an automatic gearbox in the garage click on the "auto tranny setup" button set this to just befor your cars rediline say 50 rpm befor redline so on a project z, carvero, sennet or a python set it to 6950 and for a vortex set it to 7950

step 4: here is where u actually make some ratios ok now in "1st" put any number in and try it out u can use decimals if u want this gear (1st) controls the speed of the shifting so if u want a slower shifting car u need a lower first gear

step 5: now you need to make a "final gear" this controls the torqe and needs to work with the first gear in such a way that it will not make your tires spin when u try and race I personaly donot change this at all

step 6: now you have set ur first and final gears go to the race track do a few test runs usualy 4-5 now if ur tires spin and you lose traction u need to lower first gear try lowering by .1 until it stops spinning and then add .01 untill it starts spinning again then take off ur last .01 so it doesnt spin . but if your ratios dont spin first off then add .1 to them untill the start spinning then take off .01 untill u stop spinning now dont touch those again

step 7: now its time to make the middle gears start by finding a 6th or 5th gear depending on what car you have this gear should bounce back just as you cross the line for a start use the gear that is already there if it bounces alot then take .1 away from it if it doesnt get to the red line add .1 untill it does once u have done that what i like to do is space out the rest of my gears so when i shift through all the gears they drop the same amount of RPM usualy between 1000-2000 rpm untill you have all gears filled now its time for some more runs  at the track between each adjustment to my ratios i like to make 4-5 run at the race track this way you gain a lot of points and get better at launching your car and better r/t's

now every car is different and so needs different ratios to run at its best treat every car differently when making ratios otherwise you will be running sub par times

see you at the track!!!